Direct Train Times to and from Sheffield & Chesterfield

Direct train times at Dronfield

(For trains to and from Sheffield or Chesterfield)

(Until Sat 20th May 2017 inclusive)
Adult Fares:
Dronfield–>Sheffield direct single is: £4.60 (any time)
Dronfield–>Sheffield direct return is: £4.50 (off-peak) -£5.40

Dronfield–>Chesterfield direct are: Adult £2.20 single, £3.80 return

– The National Rail website sometimes shows indirect journeys to and from Sheffield, but these are two-part journeys via Chesterfield where you must change and get an extra ticket – total cost £8.80!
A single to Dore and Totley (via Sheffield where you could get off) is always £3.50
A return to Dore and Totley (via Sheffield) is £4.70 – falling to £3.90 off-peak
 timetable 16-17
sx=Not Saturday’s, so=Saturday’s Only